Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Pinterest Challenge #2

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This week, I decided to do something with hand prints for our family decor.  I found this idea through pinterest at Tip Junkie and really liked it.  I've seen a few other hand print ideas but this one actually represants our whole family right where we are now.  It is "billed" as a Father's Day gift but I decided that doing it now was perfect because my boys are both approaching birthdays.  I may re-do this every year - how fun would that be?  Than add the previous years page to our scrapbook! 

Here's the original photo:

First, I dug through my scrapbook paper and decided to go with paper from dark to light.

The next step is the hardest . . . I traced every one's hands.

I decided to attach the hands to an actually scrapbook page and I want to purchase an Everyday Display to use as the frame as it will hold a 12 x 12 page (or lots of pictures!) and make it the center of my photo wall (which I want to update too!)  Here's my final product:
I wonder if, eventually, my hand will have to be the top hand because the boys will have larger hands?  I really love this keepsake - such a great way to save a moment!

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