Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Menu - September 24

Hello once again!  Been a crazy few days so I'm kinda scrambling to get this posted!  I had wanted to post a link to my actual menu and to recipes but . . .well, I just want to get it up for you to see :-) 

Saturday - Today was my Mother-in-law's 70th birthday party so we all went out to eat at a great Italian place . . .well the food was great, the service was lacking . . .but the family time made up for it!

Sunday -  Chicken Thighs, Mac and Cheese, Peas, Biscuits for lunch; Paula's Chicken Nuggets, left over dips from the family party (that we didnt' use - long story).

Monday - Just the kids and I so Buttermilk Waffles, Sausages and Low Fat Grape Salad

Tuesday - I will be gone all day Scrapbooking but I'm leaving Amish Breakfast Casserole and Overnight Coffee Cake for my mom to cook for the family.  Plus there were be Grape Salad left.

Wednesday - Stuffed Shells with Cheese, Garlic Bread, and left over salad or veggies depending on what we have left from the week

Thursday: Chicken Alfredo Pizza, Pillsbury Breadsticks

Friday: A friend of mine is scheduled to deliver her baby at the end of the week so we are planning on visit the new little bean as well as attending Art Prize so we will grab something quick and cheap to eat!

That's it this week - a little boring, actually!

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