Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Commenting Challenge Wrap-up

Over the past week, I participated in a great challenge from Jenna's Journey.  See, I love reading blogs; I love having being read my blog; I love when people make comments on my blog posts; I love when I see new followers; I seldom comment on other blogs . .. and always forget to click "follow" on my favorite blogs.  Do you see a problem with those statements? HA!  I love things on my blog but don't do it in return! 

Since July 4th, I've visited over 80 new blogs and commented on every single one PLUS somewhere around 80 new people visited my blog and commented too.  It made me smile!  And, did you notice - I'm now up over 50 follows and that makes me so happy too!!! 

In the midst of visiting all of those blogs I also found some new ones that attracted my attention enough to add them to my little "Blogs I follow" list.  I try to keep all of my blog lists and buttons as updated as possible.  If I notice that someone hasn't posted for 6-8 weeks, a lot of times, I remove them from my list.  I don't want to weigh down those lists too much!!  So, yes, the list grew a lot this past week  - take time to click on some and don't forget to comment on the post that caught your attention.  Oh, and comment on mine too!!!! 

Thanks Jenna for hosting this great challenge!!!  I'm not sure how long the "Linky" will be open but you can still find it on her page - check out some of those blogs as well - you may find something that attracts your attention that didn't attract mine!

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