Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafty, Crafty

Are you ready for this?  I finally had a chance to do a craft!  It wasn't even for me :-)  I wanted to make something special for the mom of the munchkin that I babysit for so I went through my Too Cute Not to Toot posts and came across this idea:

Clean and Scentsible

Handprint and Footprint Art
So, here is my version!

 First, I tried doing the handprints on the actual paper I had cut out to fit the frame but, that was not a good idea :-)  So I got a large piece of scrapbook paper and just did a few handprints until I got the two I wanted. (one of each hand, of course).  Then, I just cut them out as close as possible around the actual print. 
Using some very cute paper (of course)  and some awesome Creative Memories letters, I put together the piece of artwork. 

The final piece of art!  I picked up an 8x8 frame (for something different) at Wal-mart for just a few dollars.  I was very happy with the result, if I say so myself (and his mom got teary-eyed so I know it was good!)  I did go back and add his name just below one of the handprints after I took this photo as well as the date. 

One of the great things about crafts is that you can make them your own - you don't have to do an idea exactly.  I thought about doing this on canvas but was a little worried about sticker letters actually adhering to a canvas and staying long term - I felt the frame was a better option plus, for someone that is a scrapbooker, this would also fit into a scrapbook album down the road.  

And I just say, going back through those "too cute" posts makes me want to make so many things!!  I have a few things that I really want to get done this summer that are about the boys (a growth chart!) so . .. more crafts to come?? Hopefully!

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