Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happenings in this House

Welcome to another installment of "Happenings in this House" - enjoy a walk through our week!

 We made applesauce this week - it is the first time Josh has cooked with me and he really enjoyed use the Apple peeler/corer/slicer. 

 For some odd reason, the swing has become the best thing in the world.  The boys fight over who gets to sit in it.  I use it for the little munchkin I watch so I guess the other two see him have fun and want the same thing.  They actually like it more now than they did when they are tiny!
 Of course, we removed the old stove and got a new one.

 And celebrated St Patrick's Day!!

Finally, we ended our week with a surprise Birthday Party for Grandpa Charlie who is turning 70.  Darryl was off in Bay City learning how to drive a big rig so the boys and I took off out of town for the party.  The boys were awesome and had so much fun with noisemakers and the other little kids at the party.  Charlie was very surprised which is always fun to see.

So, that's our week!  Hope you had a great week too!

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