Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pinterest Challenge!

I know it is hard to believe but I actually did complete a couple of things from my boards on Pinterest . .. well it was kind of easy since I had a birthday party and Christmas to make things for, right?

Just check out the recent Birthday Party Post to see all kinds of inspired things.  From the cake to the huge caterpillar hanging from the ceiling, to the free printables and food ideas.  I really used Pinterest to my advantage for that party!

One other idea that I used.  I LOVE Christmas cards.  I love receiving them; I love reading them; I love sending them; I have never figured out a way to hang them.  I went looking on pinterest for all kinds of ideas.  Like This One
: I like the idea but . . . I don't really have anywhere to put it.  We don't have an entrance table or a coffee table to set it on plus I like to put the photo cards in our holiday scrapbook. 

So then there was this idea

Again, really cute but I don't really have a mantel or even a wall to hang this up on . . .so it just wasn't going to work.

Then I saw this idea from Budget Wise Home and new it would work perfectly in our home.
I love that I can use my cupboards, which are usually bare during the holidays, as they are all year, so it is the perfect place to display the cards.  I added some ribbon and it really made them look nice.  Here is my version:
I will do a couple of things differently next year - I like the solid red ribbon in the inspiration photo but I didn't want to spend money so I used what I had which was some thicker, wired ribbon.  It has not wanted to stay up well due to the weight of the ribbon.  I will buy the plastic, red ribbon next year to use.  Also, I only did ribbon on 4 of the doors (because that is all I had) it looks nice and very intentional.  I've run out of ribbon to hang cards on (which is good thing!) so next year I will make sure to do all of the cupboards.

At this point, I highly doubt I will get anything done over Christmas weekend so there will most likely NOT be a post of this type next week but I already have my next projects picked out!

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