Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - Christmas Style

To think, I didn't think I would have anything to post about this week but, I completely forgot that one of my gifts was actually a Pinterest Inspiration!!!  I couldn't post it before Christmas in case one of my nephews HAPPENED to read my blog (which they never ever ever would HA) 

Here is the original idea from some one's Photobucket account.  Really, that's all I have -someone posted a link to this photo but it is more than enough inspiration.  I even ran into someone else at a planning session who was making this same idea for her nieces and nephews. 

And . . . .here is a photo of what my final product looked like!

Obviously, the inspiration photo has a lot more money in the bag then I do but, it is still fun!  I also threw in one of those finger cuffs (you stick your fingers in it and PANIC because you can't get them out !!) .  I attached the bag to a favorite snack/drink of each nephew (i.e. Mountain Dew) .  I will say that I had trouble finding Gingerbread stickers so two of the boys had gingerbread GIRL stickers - I hope they get over it :-) 

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