Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Advent - Week 4

I just wanted to finish up with a post about our last week of our Christmas Advent.  Again, keeping it real! 

Day 19 (Monday) - Monday was a crazy, busy day here in our house after a busy weekend so I did not have time to really gather supplies.  Besides, the boys had lots of new stuff to play with and were content with doing just that.  I had planned to read  "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" but instead, after paths, we watched it since I had recorded it earlier in the month.

Day 20 (Tuesday) - I planned NOTHING!  Josh and I were gone part of the day; then he went home with my husband and I finished up shopping. 

Day 21(Wednesday) Nothing again - it was a "Mom is working"day meaning I had so much stuff to get done that I told the boys I was "working" and they had to play on their own. 

Day 22 (Thursday) - We watched Charlie Brown Christmas - yes, that's all.

Day 23 (Friday) We celebrated Nate's birthday as a family since my husband was out of town yesterday and then we had a family party so it was already a busy day.

So. . .in reality, we didn't do our advent this week.  I need to plan better and less next year; and not drop the ball.  The boys still enjoyed it all though and we did try to do something special each day even if it wasn't what I planned! 

Merry Christmas :-)

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