Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . sweet tea.  Yep.  You read that right :-)  For Josh's birthday party I pulled out my sweet tea recipe and since then, I make it several times a week - as soon as there is only a small amount left in the jug, I'm making a new batch.  It is my new go to drink!

I'm loving . . . .that it is November.  I will admit that it kinda caught me off guard today as I realized the date.  It seemed that June-August dragged (probably because of the horrible heat!) and then September was normal . . October?  Did we have October?  And now we are entering the official "Holiday Season".  Wow. 

I'm loving . . . that my basement is slowly getting organized again.  I still haven't posted about our little nightmare (I will soon - it is on the list) but, the fact that things are getting put back together again is a good feeling. 

I'm loving . . .  that my kids love "poptorn" HA  Nothing better then a snack of popcorn - I have to vacuum every day after snack time but it is well worth it!

I'm loving . . . watching the boys pick out a "trick or treat" from their Halloween bags.  Nope, I'm not one of those moms that hid their kids candy; isn't that the fun of Halloween?  Picking candy? 

I'm loving . . .  that Josh calls Popsicles - "Popoopoos" hahahahaha

I'm loving . . .  watching the boys play together!  It is just so much fun :-)

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everything.beautiful said...

I'm lovin' that maybe, just maybe, you might share that sweet tea recipe with me :) I love sweet tea!!