Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Cute Note To Toot!

I thought I would start this week with a non-Halloween related idea.  I ran across this cute idea for a frame at a blog I follow called Lines Across my Face.  It is such a simple idea yet makes a great impact.  It would make a great baby shower or wedding shower gift and is so original! 

I love this Halloween post from Oopsey Daisy.  The Subway Art and Glitter trees are just so bright and colorful plus she has a link to print your own art!

My husband and I have talked about putting up window boxes for years so I'm really just putting this idea in the post as a reminder as well as an idea from Our Seven Dwarfs.

One thing I like to do at various holidays is to hang things from the ceiling.  I find it adds a lot of dimension to a room so when I saw the tutorial for these yarn spheres, I wanted to share.  Check it all out over at Red Couch Recipes.

Sassy Sites is one of my favorite blogs and on Monday, she shared a super easy but super cute Halloween Decor idea. 

I usually share Teaching Ideas over on my Mommy School post on Sunday but I thought I would plug this one in here since I haven't started that post yet.  Check out this cute preschool pack over at Over the Big Moon.

This next idea is from Occasionally Crafty and is a pumpkin party.  I also have one child with an October birthday and I am planning on a Halloween themed birthday party in the next year or two so I wanted to save this idea for future reference :-)

Sorry for the short post this week - I'm running a little behind on getting my posts written so I don't have the time to search out all of my normal linky parties!  I usually make it up in a future post :-) 


Ashley said...

I love that the yarn spheres are starting to get a lot of attention! I did these with 4-H kids and we had a lot of fun. Ours were for Easter, and with the balloons we used, they ended up being more egg shaped. I guess that's appropriate. They're so cute and can be done quickly for just about any holiday!

Carolina Carters said...

Love this post, as usual! :) The pumpkin party is super cute! It makes me want to throw a little pumpkin playdate or something!