Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that my husband didn't end up having to work this past Saturday.  The trade-off was that he worked almost 60 hours in 4 days prior but, at least he was home all weekend :-)

I'm loving . . .that our garage is cleaned out.  Finally.  A friend of ours was able to come over with his trailer and get rid of all of the junk we have cleared out over the past year. I can park my truck in there again!

I'm loving . . . that Football season has officially started.  We love Football!!!

I'm loving . . . that we are getting cooler weather so I can light candles and enjoy that great smell! 

I'm loving . . . my fabulous kids!  They are so much fun and just so cute that they always bring a smile to my face :-)

What are YOU loving today??   

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