Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tot Time - A complete Redo

Well, I've had a slight change of heart.  After one week (last week) of doing some preschool I had a realization that . . .I was the one that wanted preschool HA!  Really, I realized that my son is only 2.  What in the world am I doing starting preschool when he is only 2????  That is insane.  We are three years from Kindergarten since we don't plan on starting him until he is 5, not 4.  (those darn fall birthdays!) So with that in mind, I've packed away our calendars and put away all of the preschool ideas I had already printed/laminated and instead, I'm going to focus on more of the "units"  like these from Itsy Bitsy Learners, Oopsey Daisy and 1+1+1=1.  Check out these great packs:

BUNDLE: Apples & Scarecrow 'n' PumpkinsItsy Bitsy Learners has two tot packs - Apples, Apples and Scarecrows 'n' Pumpkins that you can purchase at a combo rate.  I really love these theme units because you are able to focus on seasons yet do some fun worksheets together.  I think by cutting way back and focusing on more fun things we will all be happier!

 Oopsey Daisy has this great L is for Leaves unit plus she does have a mini-unit with Apple ideas as well.  Not to mention a Halloween Unit too! 

I plan on using these units for September and October.  So much less stress now that all I need to do is print, laminate and have fun!

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