Monday, September 12, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

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We did not do a Muffin Tin last Monday as it was Labor Day and I chose not to Labor in the kitchen (I.e we ate fast food for both Lunch and Supper!).  This week, I used some of the snack foods we had from Kick off Sunday to create the base for their tins.

Today they had Turtle Chex Mix (one loves the pretzels and chex pieces and the other loves the chex pieces and little chocolate candies), Apple Slices, Bread w/butter (my kids love bread so I put just a little butter on it today and they enjoyed it alot!), graham crackers and pumpkin dip.  My kids fully approve of the dip - they dip everything in it . . .my youngest even dips his pop tarts in it and sucks it off his finger like a lollipop HA! 

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Now you have me wanting pumpkin dip!

everything.beautiful said...

Pumpkin dip?? Do share!!

kewkew said...

Yes, please share!! Sounds like something my hubby would adore. What a scrumptious sounding tin.

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lisaplus6 said...

pumpkin dip!!!! oh my!!! need that recipe!