Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tot School - Get Ready for our first weeks of preschool

Tot School

I haven't posted about Tot School the last few weeks only because . . .I haven't done much!  But, with only a few weeks until I want to begin lessons, I figured I had better get moving.  (and, oops . . I meant to post this on Thursday but realized today that it never posted!)

I'm using the following curriculum for our studies:

ABCJesus Loves Me is a website that has several pre-school age curriculum's which are free to download OR you can purchase the binder.  I am downloading my own as I'm not using everything from each lesson.  We are using the 3-Year Curriculum this year as my main focus is Josh (who will be 3 in October).  This curriculum is what I'm using for Bible, some Literature ideas, and than just some misc ideas for numbers, letters, songs, and memory verses.

Confessions of a Homschooler has a great ABC program.  Lots of ideas, worksheets to print and more.  We are trying to work on one letter a week and I plan on using her plans to stay consistent.  1+1+1=1 also has some great ABC units that I may use one some weeks for variety.  I'll be using these ideas for ABC/123 teaching as well as Math.

Totally Tots has great weekly posts on so many great areas.  I will be using this site to help with Literature and Math ideas as well as some misc other ideas to throw in to the mix as well.

I've thought a lot about our schedule as well as paid close attention to how our days have progressed over the last month and think that this idea will work:

10:00-11:00 - Bible and ABC/123 time.  Both Josh and Nate will be involved in these lessons.  We'll have snack time as well which fits in nicely since many snack ideas I'm using relate to our lessons.

During lunch - Circle Time.  I originally was going to do this in the morning but my kids don't get up at the same time and, right now, I don't want them up.  Instead, during their lunch, we do our circle time.  Once I get it set up - I'll share what we are doing.

1:30-2:30 - Math or Literature - This will be time with just Josh while the other two boys are down for naps.  Most of the time I'm sure we won't use a full hour but this gives us time to play math games or read extra books. 

After dinner:  Once or twice a week I have a family activity planned - sometimes it is something outside like practicing soccer skills or baseball skills or it could be a game inside or even making a special treat together. 

Finally, I wanted to share a few things I've worked on this week!  Our first Bible lesson we'll be studying will be Creation so I made these Creation stacking boxes.  I got this idea from Blessings for Bible School Teachers and my numbers from lessons 4 Sunday School.

Secondly, to coincide with our ABC learning, I'm creating letter photo books.  I saw the idea over at Lines Across My Face and knew I had to do one of my own.  I'm creating one for each of the boys (duplicates) and they will be in there fun boxes (I'll share more about those when I finish them up this week) to look at when ever they want.

I have week one all ready to go and will be finishing up weeks 2-4 this week.  I also plan on writing up weeks 5-8 this week as well.  My goal is still to have everything planned and organized through December by the end of October. 


Carrie said...

fun! have you seen and both cute and starfall is a great fun teaching tool!

Michelle said...

LOVE your ABC photo book!