Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . .  that I got to scrapbooking on Tuesday for the day.  I got lots done and enjoyed a day out of the house, by myself.  There is something to be said for that!

I'm loving . . . the cooler, sunny weather.  The past several days - even the weekend - was fantastic! (yes even the few rainy days - I love that soft summer rainfall)

I'm loving . .. that my kids are back home.  Yes, I loved have the long weekend without them - my husband and I enjoyed getting spend time together (even working on projects together - usually one of us works, and one of us entertains the littles!) It is nice to have them home again though!

I'm loving . . . .my husband.  Enough said :-) Ok, I'll say more - he is just wonderful.  So kind, funny and caring.  I'm so thankful that God brought him in my life!

I'm loving . . .  homemade Popsicles.  Right now, my favorite is just using the Simply Lemonade, pour some in a mold, add some frozen berries (or fresh if you have them) fill up the mold with the Lemonade.  Freeze and enjoy!!!  I have new recipe freezing - we'll see if it is as good!

I'm loving . . .. my clean garage.  We can actually park both cars in there again.  I know this is weird, but I actually smile when I walk in there it is so neat and clean.

What are you loving today? 

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