Monday, June 27, 2011

Going Kidless

 So this week, the two adorable, freshly trimmed, boys went on vacation and they stayed with . . .. .

These two people (I seriously need to get a picture of them together) known as their Grandparents :-)

Now, I love my kids but I have to admit that when my parents pulled out of my driveway with my kids, I did do a little happy dance on the sidewalk!!!!  They left on Friday and are coming back tomorrow (Tuesday).  Granted, as soon as they get here I'm leaving to go scrapbooking for the whole day and won't actually see them for real until Wednesday!  We've done these little "vacations" for our kids since Josh was about 9 months old.  Admittedly, when I worked full time, the last thing I really wanted to do was send my kid away for any amount of time - I already didn't get to see him all day but, when he was 9 months old, he stayed overnight with my mother-in-law when my husband took me away for our anniversary . . .it was heaven :-)  Then, not long after that, we left him with my parents for two nights so we could go on a babymoon before Nate arrived . . .it was fabulous!  After Nate was born, well, we have tried to work out a weekend (which has stretched into 3-4 days now) every 6-8 weeks where the boys stay with the grandparents.  It is a huge benefit to everyone!  Don't get me wrong, I love and adore my kids but having the freedom to run out the door in two seconds is fantastic.  I thought I would share my list of things we enjoy when the kids are gone:

1) Eating hot food.  Seriously.  When the kids are home, by the time I get to eat (any meal) my food is cold - I had to cut their food, blow on it for five minutes because it's "hot mama, hot mama" and refill drinks plus get another fork . .. and knife. Tonight, we cooked on the grill - we got to eat our chicken while it was still hot and juicy with lots of flavor!!

2) Eating out without having to clean up the floor.  We are not the parents that leave a mess in a restaurant.  Before we leave, one of us is on the floor picking up all the stuff our kids (and probably the previous kid) dropped.  We went out to dinner on Saturday and . .. I didn't have to clean up .  I could just leave!  (Funny thing is - now, before we leave anywhere, Josh gets down and says "clean up mama" !!)

3) Getting up and leaving for church in less then 1 hour.  On Sunday, we got up 45 minutes before we wanted to leave . . .snuck in the door of a church at the last minute (not nursery needed) and were the first ones out of the parking lot!!! 

4) No bath time.  Sure, it is cute to give my kids baths and fun to watch them run naked through the house but . . .it is so relaxing to only have to bathe myself HA!

5) I can keep the gate open.  It is so much easier to get things done without having to open the gate or to have to fight kids to get through the gate :-)

6) We can both leave!  Usually one of us stays home while the other runs to get a . . .Frappe . . .but when they are gone, we both jump in the car and go where ever we need to go! 

7) No toys . . . yep, the toys all stay picked up and put away! 

8) I can sit down for more than 2 minutes - without having to get up to fill a sippy cup or change a diaper!

9) No changing diapers . . . enough said LOL

10) Well, really, number 10 is simply this - I would recommend to any mom to take a break from  your kids :-)  Even if it is for one night/two days - it will make you a better mom and your kids better kids!  

Please understand, I love my children more than anything.  I don't take for granted every day I have them and am so thankful for the joy they bring.  Yet, I'm also very grateful for grandparents who are willing and able to enjoy days with their grandkids.  What a true gift for all of us! 

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