Sunday, June 5, 2011

Church Envy

One of the "dangers" of blogging, facebook, or any other networking systems is that you get to see inside someone else's life and it can cause a little envy.  It is easy to look at where other people live, what they do, or what they wear and wish for something similar.  Yet, one area I never thought would cause envy is church.  Really?  It's "just" church, right?  I don't think so.  Church is where you should get refreshed; rejuvenated; rejoice with others; meet friends; be involved.  It should be the place that fills you up on Sunday so you can carry on through the week and be encouraged not only through your own daily walk abut through what was taught. 

I grew up in church and by that, I mean, I was there when the doors were open and sometimes we were there during the summer because we didn't have air at home :-)  See, my dad is a pastor.  It was not a bad thing at all - I have great memories growing up as a pastors kid and getting to spend so much time in church.  My husband did not.  He didn't become a Christian until he was 30.  We obviously have different backgrounds when it comes to church but we both fully believe the Bible.  I grew up Baptist/Bible and Darryl grew as a Christian listening to J. Vernon McGee and Thru The Bible (which is a great program, by the way!)

So, back to church envy.  Several of the blogs I read are by people who live in the South.  As they write about their churches I'm enthralled.  They are all so excited about going on Sundays and talk about the great programs they have and attend. They also talk about things like MDO (Mom's Day Out) which I think is offered during the summer - where moms can drop off their little kids for a few hours or for the day and get things done; or FNO (I think it is Friday Night out) where parents can drop their kids off at church and enjoy a night out together or dinner with friends.  They also talk about monthly lunches with the women from their Sunday School Class, baby showers that are hosted at homes or restaurants (depending on whether it is child #1 or 2, 3, or 4!)  Wow?  Aren't you a little envious too?  This made me start to do some searching of churches in our area and was slightly disappointed at what I found.  There doesn't seem to be that good "southern" church around here LOL  Imagine that!!!  What does your church offer that you really enjoy?  And what do you wish they offered? 

To clarify, we do attend a church - a really good church. (ok, we don't attend ALL the time) It is a small church so of course it doesn't offer all of those things that are offered at those large churches.  Honestly, sometimes we get discouraged and struggle with it and being involved and how our kids can be involved but it is a great church overall.  It is one of the downsides of living in a small town - the choices are limited . .. and we currently take a 30 minute drive to church which also limits involvement.  So, I guess I'll be a "good" envious for now and just focus on staying grounded, studying God's word, and teaching my child every day!

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