Monday, May 2, 2011

Simplify Updates

Ahhhh Sweet Peacefulness :-)  Just wanted to update a few Simplify plans from past lists. 

First, I have a few projects on hold.  As many of you know, my husband recently started a new job which is fantastic.  One of the downsides is that for the first 90 days he is on "probation" which mostly means he isn't paid the full amount.  So, with that in play right now we are trying to cut back on any unnecessary spending.  That means we are not painting the outside of the house or doing any major projects outside this spring.  We are hoping that by Labor Day we will be able to paint the house.  I do want to show you these pictures though :

The bushes are gone!!!  Well almost gone, several were taken by friends of ours to burn and the others are in a pile waiting to be burned by them or anyone else that wants them :-) LOL

Second, my kitchen project has slowed down for this same reason.  I do have paint to finish painting the cabinets (and need to finish this up soon!) and have enough handles for all of the doors; just not the drawers.  I am short some hinges so I will either try to save a little to pick those up or I will put the old ones on until I can get the new ones.  The counter top, wall paint, floor, outlets, and back splash will have to wait until the fall, more than likely.  I also have some cabinet organizers I want to get that will be on hold as well.

Third, is my jewelry project!  Last Sunday (Yep, Easter!) I took time to really clean our room and reorganize quite a few things.  Several weeks ago I had purchased a couple of things to organize my jewelry.  Take a look at this :

The white canvas "bag" is holding all of my earrings.  The best part? It is two sided and the back side is completely empty!  I have room to grow!!  The other piece is actually a tie rack!!  I searched and searched for a necklace holder and when I saw this tie rack I knew it was perfect.  So all of my necklaces are hanging up as well. Again, the whole top row of hooks is almost empty so I have room to grow.  We also moved the old radio into our room and I keep the bin with my perfumes/lotions on top along with a couple of candles.  I am so happy with this little area plus it cleaned out a drawer for my husband's dress socks for which he is thankful :-)

That's where I stand right now!  I'll be doing a new Simplify Post (I think we are on #5) soon so look for my latest project list :-)  


Carolina Carters said...

What do you think about spray painting the hinges and knobs? I don't have any idea what they look like, but spray paint is AMAZING stuff, you know! :) Just an idea, at least until you can get what you want. I can't tell you how many things we've spray painted (fans, light fixtures, knobs, etc.)

Love the tie rack for the necklace holder. And I love even more that you have room to grow! :)

Aimee said...

So much inspiration! Thanks you for sharing! Your music in the background is awesome!!! I'm your newest follower!