Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crafty Crafty - Adorable Hats! (The Dainty Daisy!)

I'm sharing this over at Kelly's Korner for show us your life Friday!  This is not my own shop but belongs to a friend of mine!  She does awesome work :-)

Check out these little hats I got recently for a friend who had twins!
Are those not the two most adorable little things ever!!!!  You want some, don't you?  Well, let me tell you about the most talented person who creates these!  A friend of ours, Betsy, is also known as "The Dainty Daisy" and she really creates amazing work - I so wish that she would have been in "business" when my boys were born so that I could have picked up several of the items to have at the hospital and for those wonderful newborn photos.  She also has items for older children and will make items upon request too.

Check out some of these items that you can find in her Etsy Shop

Can you guess which one we would have used?  The guitar of course!! :-)  You can also check out The Dainty Daisy Blog as well and see other things she is working on as well. 

I truly wish that I had her talent but, since I don't, I'm going to promote her talent!!!  Do you know someone who is expecting?  This is the perfect gift!!  How creative to give one of these has a shower gift - there is nothing better than something homemade!  (Betsy is so popular - you need to get your orders in early - plus she is expecting her own little bundle this fall and will need to fill orders early!) 


Linda said...

I used her baby hat pattern for them just last weekend for our darling grandaughter - great pattern, quick, easy and a great end result. I used a torquise yarn with a deep rose flower, and of course a bright green leaf.

Jackie Koll said...

That is wonderful Linda :-)