Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving  . . . .that I finished scrapbooking 2008 this past weekend.  I love that it is done to completion and we can now enjoy the pictures!

I'm Loving . . . how I re-arranged my living room slightly.  Made a better toy corner, kept the couch so the boys can still look out the window and made an grown-up corner too :-)

I'm Loving . . .the recent beautiful weather!  The 80 degree day on Sunday was a nice peak at summer (but I'm kinda glad spring is back for a little while longer!)

I'm Loving . . . that I have more flowers popping up.  I also have more bulbs to plant and some raspberry bushes to go in but . . .I live in Michigan and must be patient LOL

I'm loving  . . .  that my husband pulled out the ugliest bushes in the world this past weekend.

I'm loving  . . .that we got in our first trip to the Lake on Sunday - I love Lake Michigan :-)

What are YOU loving this week? 

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