Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This is part 2 to  happenings in this house that I posted on Saturday- with Easter there were just too many pictures to post in one day!

So . . here we go :-)

 On Saturday morning we dyed eggs with the kids.  Josh really loved putting the eggs in the dye and than taking them back out and putting them in the egg carton.  Nate, well, Nate just liked tasting the egg :-)

 Next, we headed to the Bunny Train.  Josh loves trains and was in awe of this one.  He loved riding it - both boys did.  I was amazed at how entertained they were for the 1 1/2 hour ride.  And, yes, the Easter bunny came through the train several times and they all got a gift too!  After the ride, we went to dinner at Joe's Chicago Pizza.  I had gotten a gift certificate from so it was an awesome deal!! When we went to leave, things took an unexpected turn.
 Do you see that spot under our truck?  Well . . .that is gas.  Yep.  We tried to leave and the truck kept stalling.  I noticed that the people sitting in the restaurant kept looking at us funny (and I was kinda perturbed with them . .  ) when the guy at the table jumped up and came out to the truck rather quickly.  Darryl opened the door and as the guy was saying "You are leaking lots of fluid", I said "I smell gas, I'll grab the kids".  Our first move was getting both kids out of the car and getting them away from it.  Darryl got on the phone to the insurance company when the next thing happened.  A couple walked out of the restaurant and he said "Would you like me to fix that?"  Turns out, this guy is a mechanic and works on . . . .Trailblazers!!!!  So, he grabbed his car mat from his car to lay on and crawled under our truck.  He saw that the gas line had broken away from the tank and knew how to fix it . . . but was unable to get it together.  We were back at square one . . when Darryl called his brother-in-law.  Craig "happened" to be at a family members house only 5 minutes away.  Craig drove right over, pick up the kids and I and drove us back to his house so we could hang out with my sister-in-law.  Darryl arranged for a tow truck.  (Don't worry - there's more good stuff!)
There's my truck.  :-(  We had it towed to my brother-in-laws house.  Why?  Because he ones a Boat Machine shop and knows "everything" about cars.  He also has a hoist so they were able to put it up on the hoist and do the "quick" fix the other mechanic told us it would be - 20 minutes and it was done.  PLUS we had enough tow mileage that the towing didn't cost a penny.  When was the last time anyone had a car break down and it cost nothing to get it fixed??  Talk about being grateful!  There are other little things we are thankful for such as - that it happened in a parking lot and not driving down the expressway and that it happened with Darryl was driving; the truck is "my" vehicle so I drive it 90% of the time - the fact that it happened when it did is a God thing.  So, a story that could have been bad turned out really good!  Oh, and for those of you wondering if this could happen to you - the 1st mechanic told us what most likely happened - a year ago, we had to have work done on the fuel system due to a problem with the gas tank (the gas gauge thingy broke).  More than likely, when that was worked on it was not put back together correctly and, over time, it worked lose.  So it was the dealers error that caused this problem.  It shouldn't "just" happen.

Now for Easter Sunday :-)
 Happy Easter from our Family!  I'm pretty impressed with the fact that we actually got a picture with all 4 of us looking at the camera.
 Easter Baskets!  The energizer bunny (aka Nate) kept moving - he liked Josh's basket.  The both got microphones (those fun ones we all had as kids); chocolate bunnies, different kinds of bubbles, matchbox cars, T-shirts and, from Grandma, a beanie baby and fruit snacks!!!  They loved everything :-)
 We went outside for an Easter egg hunt - don't you love this picture hahahaha!! 
 Nate finally figured out what to do but . . .. Josh was more interested in his cars and carrying them in his basket (Did you notice that their baskets are a football and a baseball? )

 I tried all day to get a good photo in the Easter Outfits and I finally got one of each of them!!  I had hoped to get one of them together sitting in these little chairs but that was not happening.  That's ok - I'll take the individual shots :-)
So that was our Easter :-)  Don't you just love those little plaid shorts???  I was so happy that it was warm today and the sun was out for most of the day. 

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