Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happenings In This House

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The past couple of weeks my Saturdays and Sundays have been super busy so I missed one of our happenings posts and didn't want to miss today.  Here are few pictures of what we have been up to over the last few weeks.

Nate loves sitting inside baskets - he likes to go "in" and "out"

The boys - playing on the bed.

Nate - in the basekt again.

In getting ready to (hopefully) paint the house, my Gardener pulled out the ugliest bushes in the universe.  :-)

Darryl had an Alive concert today.  It was great to hear the group - I don't get to attend a lot of concerts right now with the two little boys. 

And, Darryl took me to the beach!  I love Lake Michigan - since we were in Holland, we went out to the park and enjoyed the view for a little bit.

Some other things in our week - I was able to do tons of spring cleaning (isn't that thrilling) because my  parents took our boys Thursday-Sunday.  I asked myself,  "What can't you do easily when the boys are here" - so out came the steam cleaner for the carpets and I went to work.  The living room carpet was cleaned, my comforter was washed, bedrooms rearranged, and toys cleaned out and re-organized.  I also got to spend 11 (yes, that is right) hours scrapbooking between Friday and Saturday. AND I totally finished my 2008 albums.  The reason that is such a big deal is that 2009 is also done but is all done digitally - I just need to adhere the prints to the pages that I have printed and finish printing the other pages.  To add to that 2010 is done through March, I believe so I'm getting closer to being current.  Another HUGE thing in our week is that my husband got a job.  He was laid off at the beginning of December and just finished up his CDL class two weeks ago.  He applied for a job driving truck at a "local" company, was called a few days later, had an interview this past Wednesday via phone, an in-person interview on Thursday morning at 9:00 and was offered the job at noon.  Crazy, huh?  He will sign the official papers on Tuesday so I'll share all of the details about the job after that only because until he signs the papers, nothing is official! 

Finally - my parents sent us some pictures from when the boys were with them and I wanted to share these as well - they are too cute!

I wonder who wore the other one out? LOL
Hope you all had a wonderful week!!


everything.beautiful said...

Love your pics :) Glad you got a chance to visit the Lake!!

Shirley said...

So good to see your folks! They look GREAT!!! You go Becky Homecky... way to go on the spring cleaning!! As for scrap booking.... haven't attempted it since Thomas was born... boy will I have a ton to catch up on someday! You are the bomb!