Friday, March 4, 2011

Savings Angel

If you aren't interested in coupon savings feel free to skip this post :-)

This week, my goal was to try and eat what we had at home and keep the grocery bill low.  I didn't do as well as I would like and I noticed some flaws in my "system" but this is a learning process.  If I don't take specific time each week and really work on the menu/grocery list/coupons, than it doesn't go well at the store.  This week, because my mentality was to use stuff up at home, I didn't pay attention to the other items so much and in the end, it kinda backfired on me.   My total bill was around $80.00 and I was hoping for more of about $50.00 . . .but I still saved money with SavingsAngel.  The picture above shows items that would have cost $26.04 but I paid $14.78.  Most of the items are things we will use up this week, actually, so those are really good savings. 

This week was Meijer's "buy 10 get the 11th item free" week.  There are pros and cons to this sale.  I feel like I HAVE to buy 10 things or it isn't worth the 11th item but more times than not I ended up with one item over OR one item under because I grabbed the wrong item (Did that tonight!)  There are some great deals to be had but you have to check the original prices.  I picked up some of those Handi-Snacks (Cheese and Crackers) for $1.00 a piece and they normally run $2.17 but they also had a few other things for $1.00 that were either $1.00 normally OR were less than $1.00. 

Throw in all of the above with the fact that it is pouring outside, my sidewalk has water covering it that covered the tops of my shoes, my garage is becoming a swimming pool, and I really didn't want to go to the store tonight and I'll chalk this one up as a "better luck next week" kind of week :-)  I must add that I wish this rain was snow - when there is still 6-8 inches of snow in my yard, the last thing I want is rain because the only place for it to go is my sidewalk, garage, or please no . . my basement (none yet!!) Sorry all of you snow haters but this rain is a nightmare right now.  It needed to wait until the snow melted :-( 

So on that note - I'll enjoy my Chocolate Haagen-Dazs Ice cream I got for a buck ( a whole whoppin' 3.6 oz!) and relax for a few before hitting the hay!!

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