Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mommy School - Happy St Patrick's Day!!

So this week we geared up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  But first, I used a chance of making some homemade applesauce to "teach" Josh.
 Josh learned how to use the Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer this week.  He loved it and he loved the applesauce too.  I did manage to pick out the peelings and cores he threw in the crock pot before they cooked :-)
 On to St Patrick's Day - we started are day with Lucky Charms.  Or maybe I should say Lucky Charms Marshmallows because they got picked out quickly :-)

 For lunch we had Green Mac and Cheese and Green Smoothies.  I did not put spinach in the smoothies - that was too much for me - so I just added a few drops of food coloring.  Nate loved the smoothie and sucked that puppy right down; Josh preferred Chocolate Milk :-)

 The Little Munchkin I babysit brought the boys gifts - the headbands and necklaces that light up!  We all had a lot of fun with these items all day long.  Josh loved the flashing necklace the best.   Plus all the boys had on special St Patty's Shirts!!

 It is really hard to get these two to sit still for a good picture together so this is what I've got LOL  It kinda fits their personality perfectly.
 And dinner!  This was a first for me - I found a recipe for Corn Beef and Cabbage in the crock pot and put that together this morning.  It was surprisingly tasty - I enjoyed the potatoes and carrots that cooked in the crock pot too more than the meat though.  I also made some Irish Soda bread and a Rainbow Jello-O Salad. . .don't look too close, I messed up my layers so they aren't in order plus one is missing because I ran out of time . ..
 And I made treasure pudding cups too!  We had to eat to find the gold (chocolate) coin in the bottom.   Josh obviously loved his.

 After dinner we went on a treasure hunt for more gold (chocolate) coins.
And we ended our day with a green bath!!  It was a lot greener in person and the boys really enjoyed it.

We also had a great visit from Grandpa and Grandma Mac today too!

So, that was the main focus of our teaching this week - I will be posting some recipes for a few of the items we enjoyed today over the next few weeks in case you are interested too!!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

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