Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I'm loving:

I'm loving that my parents were willing to drive 2 hours to watch our kids so we could go away as planned despite a snowstorm that hit less than 24 hours ahead of time!

I'm loving all of the SNOW we got in the latest storm and am so thankful that we ONLY got snow and not the thick layer of ice so many other people got! 

I'm loving Travelocity where I can get FANTASTIC deals for travel so that I could surprise my husband with a night away for his birthday!!

I'm loving coupons - they saved us over $30.00 on all kinds of things planned for our little Birthday get-away!

AND I'm loving this birthday boy and those two little munchkins too!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday :-)

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everything.beautiful said...

I'm loving your I'm loving posts :)