Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update on my Sister-in-Law, Nora

I've been meaning to write this update for a few days but, just didn't get it done.  If you would like to read the other posts about Nora, check them out here.  Otherwise, this is the latest from my brother, Jeff

Update: just returned from the Cancer Center. Thank you for your continued prayers. Jan. 18 Nora will be undergoing surgery to have the cancerous tumor and left lung removed. Dr. was optimistic that it is a slow growing cancer, but won't know for sure until he removes it. If so, and they are able to remove it all (he's not sure if he was able to see all of it, what he sees may be just the "tip of the iceberg"), then there is a good chance there will not need to be chemo or radiation. Please continue to pray for this major surgery, that there will not be complications and that it will get all of the cancer

In addition, the one obstacle that needs to be passed is an echocardiogram tomorrow. Dr. thought he heard something and wants to make sure she doesn't have a leaky valve in her heart, which would make things more complicated
(December 29, 2010)

As of today, I have not heard if they have gotten the results of the echocardiogram yet.

So, right now, they are preparing for surgery on January 18th to remove the lung.  Obviously this is major surgery so prayers are appreciated.

My niece, Brittany, wrote an article for a blog about this road they are walking.  Feel free to read it by clicking here

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