Monday, January 17, 2011

Funky Lunch

I came across this website on another blog and thought it was adorable so I thought I would share.  It is called. Funky Lunch and shows some adorable ideas for making lunch creative.  Check out these ideas:

Aren't those the cutest lunches ever?  I don't even like sandwiches and they make me want a sandwich!  For more pictures check out their gallery.

Funky Lunch also goes into schools and teaches kids how to make these adorable lunches!!

They also have a recently published book called Funky Lunch: Feed your imagination.  I also noticed that coming soon - they will also have a really cute apron and cut lunch accessories.  I'll be watching the site for all of those items to be available.  The book, well, I'll be ordering yesterday LOL  Ok, maybe not - but I'm going to order it ASAP. 

This caught my attention because I struggle so much with 1) planning lunches for my kids 2) be creative and 3) getting them eat a balanced lunch. 

So check out the site if for no reason other than to look at the cute pictures!

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