Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Favorite Things - Week 3

High Heeled Housewife
It's time for week 3 of the My Favorite Things Challenge!  Here's this week's challenge: This week, instead of dreading doing your household chores, focus on your favorite household chore. 

I have thought about this one for a little while and it is sooo much easier to think of the chore that is my least favorite but that isn't the point is it?  LOL  When I first read the list of items for this challenge, one thing had popped into my mind instantly and it is what I keep coming back to so that must be my favorite household chore.  What is it?  Without out a doubt, it is organizing.  I wasn't sure if this was really a "chore" but for me, it really is.  I spend hours organizing things to make sure that everything has a home!  This year, this was my huge home goal - to organize my entire house but cleaning out every single room, only keeping what I love, and giving everything that I didn't love away.  It gives me a true sense of satisfaction to see a finished room.  My bins are all labeled and numbered and the list of all the items in each bin is in my Control Journal so I can always look before I go buy something new!! 

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