Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Song - Joseph's Song

When trying to pick a song for this week I really was stumped.  So many of my favorite Christmas Songs are so popular.  Not that it should matter but I wanted to pick one that maybe isn't as well known that people would actually take time to listen too.  I had given up and was going to post a link to "Mary Did You Know", knowing that 90% of you can probably sing it yourself when this song popped into my head.  It is by Michal Card, I believe and the first time I heard it was at a Christmas Eve Service years ago when my Cousin (in-law), Donn Deboer sang it.  Donn has an awesome voice anyway and he just brought this song to life.  Even tonight as I listened to while I wrote this post, it was such a balm to my soul.  I mentioned in a post I did on my Good Morning Girls blog that this time of year, a large part of my time with God is listening to Christmas Music - not the fun, cute little songs (which I love) but the true Christmas Songs.  I heard Steven Curtis Chapman sing "O Little Town of Bethlehem" today - wow, he truly paints a picture with his voice or Sandi Patty singing "O Holy Night" - is there anything better?  It helps me put the true meaning of Christmas into Perspective - music speaks to me in so many ways and is such a great way to worship.  So this week, we'll focus on Joseph.

I tried to embed the video into this post but it didn't work well so just scroll to the bottom to play it - and while there, make sure to mute the regular player so you can enjoy it better :-)

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