Thursday, November 4, 2010

Craziness - but Life is Good!

This week has been a bit crazy.  I started babysitting for a friend's little boy on Wednesday.  This is something that has been in the works since January, if you can believe that!  When she found out I was staying home with my boys she asked if I would be willing to watch her baby once she returned to work . . in November!  I couldn't believe it.  It was what I had hoped for and it landed in my lap!  So, this little guy was born August 13th and the 12 weeks passed quickly!  Throwing a third little boy in the mix has kinda thrown our schedule for a loop.  Trying to shift a few things around to try and get everyone up, fed, teeth brushed, and happy is taking a little getting used to but it is working.  He is great; a routine baby actually . He is like clockwork!  So I am just shifting Josh and Nate's schedule slightly to make it all work.  The other thing is my time - I had my schedule pretty well set for teaching time with the boys as well as time to get my projects done.  Right now, those things have taken a back seat but I hope to start working those things back in next week. 

Yes, I love blogging and I'm not stopping :-)  I've learned the joys of scheduling posts so I can write several at once - usually in the evening while relaxing and watching TV but this week even that has lagged a little.  I've been a little tired to really think through the post ideas I have written down.  Plus with two 30 day challenges going on, it is taking up my normal post time.  Once one "expires" here in a few days, I'll have crafts, ideas, recipes and more to post!  (I know you can't wait!!)

Otherwise, we are doing well.  Darryl's job is still questionable due to the death of the owner recently and the change of hands that will occur based on the will.  We are just waiting on God.  It is his plan.  We have gotten involved again in our church praise band and are enjoying that too.  The boys are doing great!  Josh just went to his 2 year check-up and his perfectly healthy and Nate is my dare devil!!

That's enough "musing" for one night!  Just wanted to share what's going on here :-)

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Anonymous said...

I do the same - sit down and write several posts when I have time. It works great! I didn't think of doing that until recently for some reason. Great way to get through the busier times!
Enjoying your blog :-)