Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thankfulness

November 10, 2010
Today I am thankful for Alive!, the praise band my husband is part of currently.  The door opened "oddly" about 4-5 years ago.  Darryl had been searching for several years to find a Christian Band to play in and express his musical talents.  He had several groups ask him to play but as he asked questions, he learned that many times they played in the bars on the weekend and that is something he did not want to do.  Instead, he spent hours jammin' in the basement and we just kept praying.  We even searched out churches with music opportunities hoping that would meet the need but instead the doors kept closing.  Through his job at Clothing Care, he met a guy at one of his stops named John.  John invited us over for a music night at his house.  Darryl had fun playing guitar with both John and his son, thinking this might be his new outlet.  Well, John happened to work with this guy named Paul and he knew that Paul was looking for a guitar player for his group.  So John mentioned that he should talk to their delivery guy.  Paul invited Darryl out to check the group out and the "rest is history".  It has been such a blessing to get to know the people in the group, to attend the concerts, and to see my husband get to stand on stage and do what he loves more than anything else - play music.   Some days, honestly, it is a struggle, when he has worked a 12 hour day on a Wednesday and barely has time to change clothes before making the 45 minute drive to practice, getting home often after midnight only to get back up at 5:00 Am to work a 14 hour day on Thursday.  Or when Sunday is the only day he has off and it is taken up with a concert yet we are always blessed in end and are so thankful that God worked out the details.  

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