Saturday, October 16, 2010

Farm Matching Game

Here's another easy craft to do with your kids and it is also a great learning tool!  Ours is based on the book "The Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown.

You will need one (clean!) sock, a cup, and two copies of whatever pictures you want to use.  The cup is from Walmart - this summer they sold for 4 for $1.00!!

Slide the cup into the sock until it reaches the toe.

Than fold the top of the sock back over the cup.

So that it looks like this with an opening to stick a hand inside.

Laminate both copies of the pictures.  Leave one whole and cut the other one apart.  Drop the cut pictures into the cup.
Now what?
1) Have your child put the pictures from the cup an make the animal sounds
2) Work in threes; make the sounds and than ask your child to hand you a specific picture
3) Pull a picture from the cup and match it to the other grid

Kids enjoy the "unknown" of putting their hand into that cup and pulling something out and the sock helps keep it a mystery.

If you would like to use the farm animal pictures, click here and it should open up for you to print :-)

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