Monday, October 4, 2010

Craft Overload

Would you ever think that you could have a craft overload?  I didn't!!  But . .I did!  I loved looking at all of the crafty blogs and came up with idea, after idea, after idea . .after idea . .. . .after . .well, you get the idea!  My brain was scrambled with ideas that I wanted to make.  I took a breather for a few days and found that there was one blog that I LOVED.  Oopsey Daisey ( is fantastic! 
The more of her crafty ideas I looked at, the more I wanted to make.  I think one of the reasons I like so much of her stuff is that it is user friendly.  They aren't expensive or overly complicated for the most part and the items that are, look like something I would like to challenge myself with.  She also does some great teaching things too and, since her son is just a little younger than Josh, I can use them all! 

To help get my new found hobby under control, I had to get organized.  I created a folder on my laptop and within that folder, I created folders for everything from the various holidays to my "Misc, but still great projects" folder.  I than started back with her first post and have slowly gone through each of them (I'm almost done) and have saved the ideas into each of the appropriate folders.  (Boy am I glad she only started this blog in January!).  She also gives her favorite things every Wednesday so I've gotten ideas from other sites too but I always connect them back to her site.  The first folder I'll be working on is some things for Josh and Nate for Christmas.  Plus, I have a project I'm working on now that will be done in another day or two and I can't wait to post it along with a link back to her original tutorial.   I'm also recruiting my family to help me with another one of her crafts - just waiting for all of their pictures :-)

Once I finish going through her blog, I plan on weeding out some of the other crafty links I have that I was so excited about but now sit idle.  I want to search for the best to have on my blog so if you are looking for a craft idea, you know you can click on one of their buttons and find some awesome things!  And, I even have a few craft ideas of my very own I'm working on too that I'll share soon :-)

So make sure and check out Oopsey Daisy and if you leave a comment, let her know that I sent you (she knows me by name!)

Enjoy :-)

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