Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - Your Siblings
I have three older brothers who are wonderful!!  They are all older than me (so yes, I'm the only girl and the baby) but I have to say, there is nothing better than having three protectors!!  I seriously don't think anyone has better siblings than I do!
My oldest brother, Kel, is a missionary in Brazil with his family.  He and his wife, Deb, have 4 kids.  The oldest two are in the states - Kaleb is married and graduated this past May from Cedarville University.  He and his wife now live in Colorado and we miss them!!  Alicia is a senior at Cedarville University majoring in nursing.  The other two (shown above) Marisa and Micah are currently in Brazil. Ten things about my brother Kel
1) He  is extremely organized and very much a planner. 
2) He is also very caring with a compassionate heart.
3) He is a lot of fun to be around.
4)  He is a great preacher and teacher - he was actually my 6th grade Sunday school teacher!!
5) He is a Godly man.
6) He is a great father who adores his children (and his children adore him too!)
7) He is sincere - if he says he is going to do something, he will.
8) He's honest - if you ask him his opinion, he will tell you.
9) He's got the best laugh - it's one of those "big" laughs that you can't miss . . well, I miss it because I don't get to hear it very often!
10) He's a hard worker - when something needs done, he does it - he's helped us move and never complained!
I miss him and the rest of his family very, very much and am looking forward to when they come home again!

The next brother is Jeff.  He and his wife, Nora, live in Indiana with their two children - Brittany and Brandon.  Jeff is a high school principal at a Christian School.  Ten Things about my brother Jeff:
1) He is fantastic at what he does - he is so good at working with people and running a program to its fullest potential.
2)  I have to say that Jeff is very intelligent - I would place him in the "genius" category.  When I was in grad school, I would call him and ask him to explain my statistic class notes, which he could do easily. 
3) He's a great teacher - whether speaking in church, teaching a class or seminar, or just talking one on one, he's very good at explaining things in an understandable way
4) He's fun - he's got that sly sense of humor; very subtle so no one knows it's him . ..
5) He's Godly and follows God's leading
6) He doesn't give up - even when life throws him lemons, he doesn't give up.
7) He's tough - I don't think he feels pain, seriously.
8) He's kindhearted.
9) He's a great father - he has two wonderful kids who I think agree!
10) He's level headed - he is not an over-reactor (is that a word?)
Last but not least is Ken.  Ken and his wife, Lynnette, live in Michigan and have three kids, Braedon, Seth and Kate.  Ken is the preacher. Ten things about my brother Ken:
1.  He is a great preacher - sometimes, when it is your sibling, it is hard to listen to them preach, but Ken has really become an awesome preacher.  I wish I could hear him more.
2. He's a caring person, wanting to make sure others are happy.
3. He's a lot of fun.  Seriously, he really is - he makes us all laugh.
4. He's a great dad - just look at his kids :-)
5. He's a Godly man - he really follows what God teaches. (I guess that would be practicing what he preaches!)
6. He's likable.  Because Ken and I have always lived fairly close to each other, I've had more opportunity to see this play out.  "Everyone" always seems to like him.
7. He is a worker - whether it be to help other people or to finish his own house, he isn't afraid of a little work.
8. He is outgoing - he isn't afraid to talk to people.
9. He has a ton of energy, even in his "old" age - I've seen him as a camp counselor, youth pastor and now as pastor - that energy always carries through.
10. He's kind - in the way he treats both friends and family.

I could say a lot more about all of my brothers but I don't want to bore you :-)  I will say that when we are all together, we laugh and laugh.  If you looked in the windows, you'd probably think we were crazy.  But isn't that what family is? Crazy fun!!!  I'm so thankful for my siblings - I know that no matter what happens in my life, they will always be there.  We may not talk often but we are always there for each other.

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