Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 - Something you are afraid of
I am enjoying doing this 30 day blog challenge sponsored by Katies Journey.  It's fun coming up with some of this stuff and I'm enjoying reading what others post too!

So this post - something I'm afraid of . .simply, it is this.
Go Carts
Ok, the first two make sense.  I don't like the thunder and lightening - it freaks me out.  I've gotten better about his over the years as I no longer need to hide under the bed but I still don't like them.  And tornado's - yes, I am the one that when my county is under a warning I think I should be in the basement EVEN when the tornado is on the other end of my county and is not heading to me.  It just makes me so nervous!!!

But the last one is just dumb LOL  It isn't the Go Carts that I'm actually afraid of . . it is driving them.  I won't go on a Go kart course for anything even though my husband enjoys them.  Maybe if it was just family - my brothers, husband, nieces, nephews - I could do it but with strangers who might hit me?? Are you Crazy? LOL

Do I have bigger fears, sure, but I try to give those over to God as much as possible or they become worries more than fears.  :-)


cendme said...

With you on the tornadoes!! Personally I love thunderstorms and tolerate go-karts for my family :-)

Carrie said...

I am with you on ALL THREE of these!!!!

Katie K. said...

I am for sure afraid of tornadoes! We had one here where I live when I was in elementary school and I am so afraid it will happen again when I have my own classroom!

Kit said...

OH I am afraid of tornados as well!