Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin Jars

Yesterday I worked on another Halloween craft.  I wanted to use things that I had and came across this idea and really liked it!

Pick out a variety of jars - I just used regular canning jars I had on hand.  You could also search garage sales for some different shaped jars as well and make some cute jars!

I used Press'n Seal to make the stencils for the faces on the jars.  I learned a few things 1) Use VERY sharp scissors to cut the Press'n Seal or it just sticks to the scissors 2) Do NOT stick it to paper and than try to cut out the shapes; once cut out, you will never get the press'n seal off the paper ! 

Put the face shapes where you would like them on the jars.  Make sure and press hard so that it is sealed against the jar.

Spray jars with spray paint (sorry I didn't get a picture of the in process paint job) Once dry, remove the stencils and you have some jack-o-lantern jars.  I did also add some raffia around the lips of the jars to make them more finished.  Plus some tea lights inside :-)  I'm thinking of getting LED T-lights for projects like this so I don't have to worry about the flame.
I can't remember what sight I picked this up from  . . .but isn't it fun?

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