Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Being Crafty for Fall

Well, I did it.  After searching through some blogs endlessly and making many lists of some crafts (both Fall related and not) I went shopping yesterday and picked up a bunch of stuff (Half of it will be returned since I either couldn't get all of the supplies or, I've made enough for this year ;-) ).  Today, I made the things that I had all the right supplies for and decorated.  Here are my three lovely crafts:

Aren't these cute?  ANd they were SOOOO easy!  The top set of pumpkins:
1) Find scrap wood that your husband won't miss ;-) LOL
2) Spray paint it orange (Suggestion - don't spray paint on the sidewalk right in front of your front door, just saying, that's all)
3) Cut a limb off of a tree (where no one will notice) and trim it down
4) Hot glue the piece of tree limb to the top of the wood
5) Tie raffia or ribbon around the stem

The second set of pumpkins were EXPENSIVE to make (hehehehe) 
1) Find two rolls of Toilet Paper in your house (stash them if you must!)
2) Using fabric or Napkins (I found a set of two napkins at walmart for $3.00)
3) Set the TP roll in the middle of the napkin/fabric square and tuck each corner down into the center of the TP roll.
4) I used more of the same tree limb and stuck the pieces into the center to hold the napkin in place
5) Tie raffia or ribbon around the limb.  (After Thanksgiving, you can even get your TP back!)

The Picture took a little more work but was still easy
1) Find an old frame and spray paint it black
2) Cut scrapbook paper to the size of the frame and also cut a mat a little smaller and attach to the frame/glass
3) Find a book you don't want, like or just don't want to read.  (I would suggest that you find one that you don't mind the whole world reading!!)
4) Make a pattern of a pumpkin (or some other symmetrical item) and fold it in half
5) Tear about 100 pages out of the book (leaving the binding in tack) tear off the front and/or back covers as needed. 
6) Lay the template on the book so that the edge lines up with the binding or the book
7) Cut away until you have cut out the whole thing
8) Glue the front and back pages to the frame and fan out the pages

Isn't that so cool????  I might have to try it with a Christmas tree for the next holiday.

So here are my before an after photos!

Before . . .                                                                     After . . .

Before . . ..                                            After . ..

And than one from my dining room.

There are a few more decorations up but it is kinda hard to get it all.  There is at least one more craft I'd like to try and do but I'll have to decide whether I will get to it or if I need to return that stuff too :-)

Lesson learned:  Only plan one craft at a time and get those supplies AND finish it before moving on to the next one! (Like I didn't already know it . . .I was just really excited to do crafts!)


Unknown said...

I love the toilet paper pumpkins! One of my favorite projects to do with my students!

Unknown said...

I could do the toilet paper pumpkins, but, the reader in me is screaming "Sacrilege" at the book murdering ;-)

Jackie Koll said...

Becky - I'm with you but I found a book that was actually missing a chapter due to an error in printing :-) So . . .it was ok LOL