Friday, September 3, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 24

The joy of a "new" toy:

I brought this little car up from the basement today for Nate to start enjoying.  It was one of Josh's favorite toys because it is how he got around until he learned to walk.  Nate tasted every part of it . . but when Josh got up from his nap, he took it over for the day.  That was part of my strategy in bringing it up now, though.  Nate isn't quite ready to ride it by himself yet so hopefully Josh will tire of it quickly and Nate will be able to enjoy it :-) 


Jenna said...

Brayden had a car very similar to that one that he loved too!!

Kristi Lea said...

So precious!

Haha..You caught me...I did actually see that on FLYlady after reading about the system on your blog. I thought about putting a link in my post, but I haven't had enough time to read over her site, to see if I felt comfortable linking to it. I have to be real careful about links, because I have some teenage daughters of friends who read my blog, and I don't want to send them to places their parents wouldn't want them to be. I hope to get to go back and look longer soon! It looked like she would have a lot of great ideas and tips!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I hope my day today will be filled with yard work!