Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garage Sale

Tomorrow I am having my second garage sale in 9 years.  The last time I had one, I swore I would never, ever, ever do one again!  Don't get me wrong, I made some good money but the time and effort that it took to set it up, sit there for three days, and than tear down, including taking 6 - count them - 6 trips to Good Will was way more work than I ever wanted to do.  So, since than I have always filled a box or two and taken it away.  This past year I have gone through every single room, box, nook, and cranny of my house and decluttered things.  I decided to save things for the Blessing Day at my parents church but when I was done and looked at what I had stacked in the garage . . .. I could not justify giving it all away without trying to make a little money.  Since I "don't work" anymore I am always trying to find ways to help my family financially whether it be with keeping a tighter budget, cutting coupons, selling books or, yes, having a garage sale.  So here's my Garage Sale Advice:
1.  Never have a garage sale . . . .ever.  If that isn't an option continue reading :-)
2. When sorting things throughout the year for the sale, set up a row of boxes; price things as you go and put like things together in the same box so that when you set up, you can put things out quickly and easily (Nope, didn't do this - boy, I wish I had!)
3. Clean things before you pack them in the box so they are ready to set out (nope, I did not do this!)
4. Take pictures of your "hot" items or people specific items (like dog kennels, baby things, "men" things like tools and electrical stuff) (and again, didn't do it until a few days ago)
5. Post pictures and a detailed description on Craig's list.  (FINALLY, I did this!!! I did take a few pictures but not nearly what I should have and I forgot to list some of those unique items like . . .Dog kennels)
6. Don't do this alone - get a friend, family member or spouse to be there on the day to help out (Yep - all on my own LOL)
7.  Do send the kids and dog to the grandparents (YES!  I planned that well)
8. Make sure your sign is "pretty" :-)
9. Only do the sale for one day and when that day is done - pack everything that did not sell and take it to Good Will the following day - do NOT keep it!  (Ok, it will be packed, there are a few items I will keep and try to sell on e-bay but otherwise, the rest will be going to my parents Blessing Day or Good Will on Monday . . .I want my garage back!)
10.  Check Craig's list to make sure your ad is posted and do not post it until Thursday!  (I posted it Monday but actually did NOT post it - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!  Now I am up at 12:30 AM getting it posted; hope people still read it!  So frustrating!!)

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow . .. I know you can't wait! I'm hoping for a busy day and to make at least $100.00.  If it is slow, my garage will be clean and organized by the end of the day - if it is busy, my garage will be cleaned and organized by the end of next week.

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