Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning and Organizing

This is kinda an intro post more than anything.  Several years ago I was introduced to a cleaning/organizing concept by a friend called "Flylady".  Really it isn't a concept but rather a person!  The Flylady gives all kinds of great ideas to help set routines for our homes so that we aren't constantly cleaning or have CHAOS ( Can't have anyone over syndrome) in our homes.  Over the years my plans and routines have evolved, changed, and grown based on my life at that point.  When it was just Darryl and I and we both worked 60 hours a week, I had one set up focused mainly around the weekend.  When we added Josh and I cut back to only 40 hours a week, (ONLY 40? LOL) my plan changed again but still revolved around most cleaning on the weekends since I didn't get home until 6;00 most nights and had limited time to get dinner on and spend time with Josh before he went to sleep.  Than, when I quit to stay home, I reworked my entire routine/cleaning concepts since I had more time.  One of the things that I'm able to do is weekly deep cleaning.  Each room in my home is assigned a week on a rotating basis throughout the year and it gets deep cleaned.  The Flylady divides our homes into 5 zones and assigns missions to the weekly zone - often the things we never get too.  (I found I didn't have time to get through my deep cleaning on weeks that she includes two rooms such as the laundry room and the bathroom so I broke my home down further.   I plan on including some deep cleaning lists and other cleaning helps.  If nothing else, maybe it will help you think of how to make your cleaning load lighter!

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