Monday, August 23, 2010

31 in 31 - Day 13

Well, today was just a "regular" day.  I had the feeling this morning that I was going to have to search for a picture for today and I was right.  So I started looking for "things" - things that made my life easier; things I liked; things I thought were "perfect".  This is what I thought of:

This is a snack cup.  I just bought it this weekend thinking that it would make snack time a little easier.  I allow Josh to have his snack and juice while he is playing in the living room.  It isn't a big problem except China, the dog, likes to eat the snack out of the bowl when no one is looking; Josh always catches her and than falls on the floor in a crying heap - heartbroken that his snack is now gone.  PLUS he LOVES to "spill" the snack on the floor and than "rescue" it from the dog.  Well, I saw these and thought it would do many things like 1) Keep the snack in the bowl and 2) keep the dog out of the snack.  Well - nothings perfect!  First, Josh doesn't like sticking his hand through those rubber things so when he wants more snack he brings it to me and waits for me to push those things open so he can put his hand in . . snack time is supposed to be mommy free LOL.  Second, I watched China take the snack dish, hold it down with one paw, use the other to push the rubber things out of the way and use her tongue to get the snack out.  So apparently, it is dog friendly and not meant for kids!! 

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