Thursday, March 4, 2021

March Goals

Welcome to March!  February seemed really long, didn't it?  I'm not really sure why other than it was the coldest month and we had more snow in February than the whole winter combined!  I've decided to do this months goal post (get it - goal post) differently - I usually do a "bunch" instead of individually listed goals but this month it is one per number!  I feel like I have so much that I want to get done but there are a lot of random things! 

1. Complete 31 pages in Scrapbooking (toward my 365 total page goal)

2. Complete February 2020 photos

3. Complete February 2021 photos

4. Complete May-June 2016 photos

5. Complete February 2011 photos

6. Take part in the March Virtual Crop

7. Order the next set of photos on April 1st 

8. Order the next set of album spines

9. Read my books for March 

10. Complete my Decluttering tasks for April. 

11. Make my first batch of Macaroons

12. Now that the weather is turning a corner and isn't bitter cold - the basement is back on the radar!  We are planning to have some plumbing work done here soon and they need to be able to get to it HA!  So my goal for this month is to make sure that can happen. 

13. Read one chapter in my photography book and practice the skill. 

14. Pick camping dates for the summer and reserve the spots that I can

15. Go on one Date with Darryl

16. Practice my song for recording for Christmas - the goal is page 2! 

17. Plan out the first adventure to visit a least one of the great lakes.

18. Update my holiday journal through Easter. 

19. Visit Flour Child Bakery since it didn't happen last month! 

20. Take boxes and bags of donation items to a donation center. 

21. Set up Josh's punching bag.

22. Hang Josh's solar system

23. Set up my 52 envelopes savings plan

24. Clean out my filing cabinet

25. Organize my closet storage area/corner

26. Have Darryl hang my new flag pole

27. Put up the March flags

28. Plan our outside landscaping we want to do :-) 

29. Do all the "medical' visits - dentist appointments, check-ups, and even a vet appointment :-)  

30.  Take our trip to where we got engaged - we go almost every year to just remember. 

31. Plan some fun activities/crafts for spring break.  (our friends are usually here so I like to plan a few things for fun to do so everyone isn't playing video games all day HA!) 

32. Plan for Easter.  

33. Get back to my cookbooks - make one new recipe from each of my cookbooks this month.

34. Clean the oven - a friend shared some stuff that is suppose to make the oven door look like new - I'll see if it works HA! 

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