Monday, March 1, 2021

February Goal Recap

February slowed down . . .alot.  We really focused hard on school which meant I had less time to work on some of my goals.  I did get a lot of time to scrapbook though thanks to a few snow storms!  

1. Complete 28 pages in Scrapbooking (towards my 365 total page goal).  I actually have a list of more specific goals as well and this month the goal is to scrapbook Jan-Feb 2016, January 2020 and 2021.  I also set a plan each month of what photos to order from the other years I haven't completed yet.  (For the record, I'm hopeful to finish out this year with 2016, 2020, and 2021 completed.)  There is a virtual weekend crop in February that I'm specifically planning to use for January 2021 photos.  1) I completed Jan-April 2016 2) January 2020 is done 3) January 2021 is also done.  4) I participated in the February Virtual Crop 5) I also completed January 2011.  I feel good about what I got done! 

2. Read my FIVE books in my plan this month.  Record them in my Pinterest folder of what books I read this month.  Why 5?  Simple - I have one left from January, two pre-planned for February in the non-fiction section and then I picked up two newly released fiction books from my favorite book store (shipped for free!) that I would like to ready this month as well. Welp, there's a reason I got all the scrapbooking done - I didn't read much HA! 

3.  1000 hours outside - My goal this month is to introduce this concept to the family and actually track the time outside.  Playing in the snow, tossing a football, ect. - just track the time that is outside without over planning it.  Fail

4. Decluttering Calendar/List - The goal is to get through week 5-8 on my "52 Weeks" list.  Done! 

5. Order the Macaroon making kit on Amazon.Done! 

6. The basement - The end goal is to have a well organized, useful basement.  So, my goal this month is progress. I do have a "silent" goal of trying to do just one thing a day in the basement - it can be cleaning off a shelf, bringing up one box of things to donate, or cleaning out one bin but again, any progress is something so even if I only clean off one shelf or carry up  one box all month, that counts! February turned bitter cold which means my basement was super cold too!  So I did nothing in the basement except laundry HA! 

7. Read one chapter in my photography book and PRACTICE the skill.  Nope. 

8. Put all memorabilia in albums that are already done (I have a whole file drawer full of things that are sorted by date that need to get put in albums)  I completed 3 years worth so far and have 3 years left to do! 

9. Pick camping dates for this summer and reserve the spots I can. Not done yet

10. Go on one date with Darryl. Done

11. Practice the song I picked to record for Christmas - the goal is to learn page one. Done

12. Plan out the first adventure to visit at least one of the great lakes. Note done

13. Get some spines imprinted - I will usually be placing an order each month for pages so I'd like to order 2-3 spines depending on the year I'm ordering for at that point. Ordered 4 spines this month

14. Update my Holiday Journal with ideas from the Superbowl and Valentine's Day.  Look ahead at plans for St. Patrick's Day and Easter Done

15.  Plan something fun for Darryl's birthday as well as take the boys shopping. Done

16. Visit Flour Child Bakery - it's a bakery I follow on Facebook in a town not far from home.  I've wanted to go and buy treats but never have - this is the month to do it since it is Valentine's Month after all! Every time I planned a day to go, we got a snow storm.  HA!  Maybe in march! 

17. Take the boxes and bags of "donation" items that are currently in both vehicles and drop them off somewhere (we have a few local charities that accept donations vs. Good Will) Everything is still in the vehicles!  It was too cold to work outside! 

18. Clean out Darryl and my closet - get rid of clothes and shoes we haven't worn in years and turn all the hangers backwards (it's an organizational trick - at the end of the season, any hanger not turned around - that item needs to go!) Also organize our dresser and make a list of summer clothes we both need. Nope

19.This one is hard to measure - I need to start organizing/decluttering/setting up the "Toy/Lego Room" in the basement.  Yes, it is technically on the 52 Week list but I don't have it on there until fall.  This is kind of like the rest of the basement - I need to just start with the first bin (blocking the walkway HA!), sort it, and make a home for it.  Whether I get through one bin or 5 bins - it counts as something. Again, it's been too chilly in the basement to acomplish much 

20. Make a drive to the Lakeshore.  I love Lake Michigan.  Whether it is frozen or not - just to be near it is so peaceful and it grounds my soul and brings me peace.  Now that football is wrapping up, we will have some free time for some drives and this is one that is on my list.  (Another is to visit Michigan's Covered Bridges but we might need to start that one next month HA!) Done!  It was cold, drizzly and foggy but the lake is still my happy place! 

21.  Here are my misc. items that need to get done. A) Josh got a punching bag penguin for Christmas that we need to set up - get some sand to add as a weight and blow it up. I did get the sand but we seem to get snow storms on the weekends so hauling it outside to fill it up was not high on the list.  B) My mom made beautiful shadow boxes for each of the boys for Christmas that we need to get on the walls. Done C) Josh got a new solar system set to hang from his ceiling but he wants it measured out correctly so Darryl needs to help get that accomplished.  D) Clean the "piano corner".  I'm revamping how I store my scrapbooking stuff so that opens up that corner :-)  E) Set up my 52 envelopes of saving plan 

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