Monday, March 1, 2021

February Goal Recap

February slowed down . . .alot.  We really focused hard on school which meant I had less time to work on some of my goals.  I did get a lot of time to scrapbook though thanks to a few snow storms!  

1. Complete 28 pages in Scrapbooking (towards my 365 total page goal).  I actually have a list of more specific goals as well and this month the goal is to scrapbook Jan-Feb 2016, January 2020 and 2021.  I also set a plan each month of what photos to order from the other years I haven't completed yet.  (For the record, I'm hopeful to finish out this year with 2016, 2020, and 2021 completed.)  There is a virtual weekend crop in February that I'm specifically planning to use for January 2021 photos.  1) I completed Jan-April 2016 2) January 2020 is done 3) January 2021 is also done.  4) I participated in the February Virtual Crop 5) I also completed January 2011.  I feel good about what I got done! 

2. Read my FIVE books in my plan this month.  Record them in my Pinterest folder of what books I read this month.  Why 5?  Simple - I have one left from January, two pre-planned for February in the non-fiction section and then I picked up two newly released fiction books from my favorite book store (shipped for free!) that I would like to ready this month as well. Welp, there's a reason I got all the scrapbooking done - I didn't read much HA! 

3.  1000 hours outside - My goal this month is to introduce this concept to the family and actually track the time outside.  Playing in the snow, tossing a football, ect. - just track the time that is outside without over planning it.  Fail

4. Decluttering Calendar/List - The goal is to get through week 5-8 on my "52 Weeks" list.  Done! 

5. Order the Macaroon making kit on Amazon.Done! 

6. The basement - The end goal is to have a well organized, useful basement.  So, my goal this month is progress. I do have a "silent" goal of trying to do just one thing a day in the basement - it can be cleaning off a shelf, bringing up one box of things to donate, or cleaning out one bin but again, any progress is something so even if I only clean off one shelf or carry up  one box all month, that counts! February turned bitter cold which means my basement was super cold too!  So I did nothing in the basement except laundry HA! 

7. Read one chapter in my photography book and PRACTICE the skill.  Nope. 

8. Put all memorabilia in albums that are already done (I have a whole file drawer full of things that are sorted by date that need to get put in albums)  I completed 3 years worth so far and have 3 years left to do! 

9. Pick camping dates for this summer and reserve the spots I can. Not done yet

10. Go on one date with Darryl. Done

11. Practice the song I picked to record for Christmas - the goal is to learn page one. Done

12. Plan out the first adventure to visit at least one of the great lakes. Note done

13. Get some spines imprinted - I will usually be placing an order each month for pages so I'd like to order 2-3 spines depending on the year I'm ordering for at that point. Ordered 4 spines this month

14. Update my Holiday Journal with ideas from the Superbowl and Valentine's Day.  Look ahead at plans for St. Patrick's Day and Easter Done

15.  Plan something fun for Darryl's birthday as well as take the boys shopping. Done

16. Visit Flour Child Bakery - it's a bakery I follow on Facebook in a town not far from home.  I've wanted to go and buy treats but never have - this is the month to do it since it is Valentine's Month after all! Every time I planned a day to go, we got a snow storm.  HA!  Maybe in march! 

17. Take the boxes and bags of "donation" items that are currently in both vehicles and drop them off somewhere (we have a few local charities that accept donations vs. Good Will) Everything is still in the vehicles!  It was too cold to work outside! 

18. Clean out Darryl and my closet - get rid of clothes and shoes we haven't worn in years and turn all the hangers backwards (it's an organizational trick - at the end of the season, any hanger not turned around - that item needs to go!) Also organize our dresser and make a list of summer clothes we both need. Nope

19.This one is hard to measure - I need to start organizing/decluttering/setting up the "Toy/Lego Room" in the basement.  Yes, it is technically on the 52 Week list but I don't have it on there until fall.  This is kind of like the rest of the basement - I need to just start with the first bin (blocking the walkway HA!), sort it, and make a home for it.  Whether I get through one bin or 5 bins - it counts as something. Again, it's been too chilly in the basement to acomplish much 

20. Make a drive to the Lakeshore.  I love Lake Michigan.  Whether it is frozen or not - just to be near it is so peaceful and it grounds my soul and brings me peace.  Now that football is wrapping up, we will have some free time for some drives and this is one that is on my list.  (Another is to visit Michigan's Covered Bridges but we might need to start that one next month HA!) Done!  It was cold, drizzly and foggy but the lake is still my happy place! 

21.  Here are my misc. items that need to get done. A) Josh got a punching bag penguin for Christmas that we need to set up - get some sand to add as a weight and blow it up. I did get the sand but we seem to get snow storms on the weekends so hauling it outside to fill it up was not high on the list.  B) My mom made beautiful shadow boxes for each of the boys for Christmas that we need to get on the walls. Done C) Josh got a new solar system set to hang from his ceiling but he wants it measured out correctly so Darryl needs to help get that accomplished.  D) Clean the "piano corner".  I'm revamping how I store my scrapbooking stuff so that opens up that corner :-)  E) Set up my 52 envelopes of saving plan 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

2021 Week in Photos #8

 Here's a look back at our week: 

Saturday - We went to Darryl's mom's house to celebrate his birthday.  

She surprised him with this Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Doll.  This actually belonged to his brother Adam who got it when he was about 7.  She found it stuck back on a shelf in their garage and she and her husband fixed it and replaced missing parts in order to give it to Darryl.  It means a lot to Darryl. 
Josh and Nate ventured onto the ice at their Grandparents house while we were there but they have a true respect (umm fear) of ice so they didn't stay on it long! 

Sunday - It was a quiet day at home followed by dinner at my moms. 

Monday - Darryl's birthday!! 

Tuesday - Friday - We had school.  It was a pretty normal week! 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Weekly Menu - It is March!!

 Wow, this year is flying!  It's March.  It's almost spring time and I feel like we did not get much winter!  February was a little brutal thanks to bitter cold but otherwise, it's been pretty mild!  Hopefully that doesn't mean we are in for a super hot summer because that is not my thing!  But I digress, here's our menu for the coming week. 

Friday - This is our favorite eat out night.  I think we are all done from the week and the last thing I want to do is cook.  Plus we are at TKD until close to 5:00 so I don't really want to come home to make dinner.  And . .. it is also just fun to eat out! 

Saturday - We are going to be in Grand Rapids today so we will eat in town. 

Sunday - We are going to be out for part of the day so I'm not 100% sure what we will do for dinner yet.  Maybe out or maybe at home.  Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup possibily! 

Monday - Baked Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops, Baked Beans, roasted zucchini, and crescents. 

Tuesday - Perfect Pot Roast, Noodles and Carrots.  I don't know why, but a good roast just sounded so good!  

Wednesday - Stromboli and Salad

Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Braid and Salad. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

What I actually read in February

 Book #1 

Change of Heart is a book off my shelf that I actually had already read but didn't realize it!  It's a simple story of learning to trust again and rekindling old friendships that build into bigger relationships.  It's a pretty easy read but a charming story. 

Book #2

This is one of my February reading goals and one of the books I purchased in January.  I love books that take place in Michigan which is one of the reasons I picked this book as it takes place in the Upper Peninsula.  It is a story of redemption and rebuilding relationships between two sisters.  While the story itself was good and well written it had flashbacks, which I just totally skipped over (I really don't care for stories with long flashbacks that really don't pertain to the story).  It also ended abruptly and with lose ends.  It made me question what the last few sentences really meant and how could the author end a book without really ending it.  Unless there is second book to this one, I'm not sure I would pick up another book by this author. 


This book came recommended either from a friend on Facebook or maybe just a general Facebook recommendation but either way it was a good story.  I will admit, after reading so many books by Julie Klasson who is an amazing story teller, this book started off a bit boring and choppy.  The author doesn't use precise and creative language (I mean the main characters names are Diane and Barry . .. )  but the over all story is a great one about reconciliation and learning the truth about why the characters respond to situations the way they do.  There is some language in this book but overall it is a good read.  Ironically this story has flashbacks but they are really part of the story; actually it is the story as it tells the story of the main character and what brought her to the place she is in currently.  I can handle those flashbacks :-) 


I'm coming to the end of Julie Klassen's book list and this one did not disappoint.  The Silent Governess was one of my favorite books.  I loved the way that this one tied the story of several families together and, in the end, there was actually happiness in each of the families because truth was brought to light.  Julie Klassen is such a great writer and really just brings the reader into the story.  


Well, I've run out of Julie Klassen books.  This was the last one that I had not read and, honestly, it is probably my least favorite.  I found it a little . . . .cringe worthy, as my kids would say.  It made me roll my eyes and I found it slightly comical.  I think it had to do with the dancing, the description of the dancing master, and the behavior of the main character.  It did end well but it just wasn't super exciting or nearly as deep as the previous one I read.  I guess they can't all be winners! 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

2021 Week in Photos #7

 Here's a look back at our week: 

Saturday - We went to my mom's and the boys went sledding!  We also enjoyed dinner and Darryl put her new snowblower together and had to make sure it worked! 

Sunday - Valentine's Day! 

The table before all the food :-) 
Yes, the cat.  Always has to be in the center of things HA!  (Don't worry, he was removed from the table as soon as the photo was done - naughty kitty . .. .but cute kitty HA!) 
Dinner was spaghetti with meat sauce or chicken alfredo along with salad and garlic bread.  We also had Valentine's cookies that I picked up from a local bakery.  

My special Valentine!  

Monday -  We had a Holiday!  Our on-line school takes Presidents Day off and since Josh and Nate are already weeks ahead, we took it off (some years, we are already behind so we treat it like a normal day).  I really enjoyed my day marking off some "to do" things and I spent hours scrapbooking! 

Tuesday - It was a snow day!  Actually, my kids had a virtual field trip to learn about Sue-The T-Rex.  It just so happened that it was a snow day for our friends too.  Everyone got to participate in the field trip.  The kids also spent a good hour or so outside playing in the HUGE piles of snow!  

This was the true total as the deck was completely cleared off prior to the storm - it was right about 6 inches of fresh snow. 

Wednesday - Darryl had a procedure at the hospital so he and I spent the day there and then got our favorite Tacos for a late lunch/early dinner before heading for home. 

Thursday - School . .. and haircuts.  

Friday - Wow this week end fast.  I squeezed in grocery shopping, cleaned up the house, and went to Tae Kwon Do with Nate.  

Friday, February 19, 2021

Weekly Menu - Darryl's birthday!

 It's time to celebrate the Big D!  It's Darryl's birthday so we will have what he wants :-) 

Friday - Eating out/eat in :-)  

Saturday - We are heading to Darryl's mom's house for the afternoon to celebrate Darryl's birthday! 

Sunday - Since we were out on Saturday, we are going to my mom's for dinner tonight :-) 

Monday - Darryl's birthday!  I asked him what he wanted and he said "not to celebrate" HA! but I told him that is NOT an option.  So he picked a favorite of Dill Shrimp Pasta.  I'll add some spaghetti sauce as an option for those that don't like shrimp :-)  Along with some good Garlic Bread and, of course, Carrot Cake for dessert! 

Tuesday - I finally found red enchilada sauce so I'm making our favorite Chicken Enchiladas! 

Wednesday - Chicken Noodle Soup and Rolls

Thursday - Ham and Cheese Quiche, Sausage Balls, and Fruit

Saturday, February 13, 2021

2021 Week in Photos #6

 Here's a look back at our week! 

Saturday - We stayed home because it was snowy!  Actually, we went to my mom's for dinner (the advantage of living just a few miles away - the snow doesn't stop us!) and then I had a zoom call with my brothers and mom.  Otherwise, I did some scrapbooking and worked on some projects. 

Sunday - Superbowl!!  In case you didn't know, we love Football.  I didn't even go over board with snacks.  We had Mexican Dip and chips and cheese and crackers.  We actually ordered pizza for dinner and it was the best thing ever.  

We also had these great cupcakes!  Such a fun thing to have at our little party.  Now, if only the game had been a little more exciting! 

Ready for the game to begin!  Josh likes to make faces just as I'm clicking the button on the camera - then I don't notice until I post them or print them!! 

Monday - A school day - and we accomplished a lot!  Once our friends arrived from school, the kids went outside and played in the snow. 
Josh knocked this icicle off the house. 

Nate found his own :-) 

Tuesday - Darryl took the day off so he could drive Nate and I to Nate's doctor's appointment downtown - in the "big city"!  I don't mind the drive but I HATE the parking garage.  This particular one is underground, very tight and you have to park by a certain elevator or you'll end up in the wrong building!  Anyway, instead, Darryl dropped us off right at the door and he and Josh went to Starbucks for a coffee until we called to be picked up.  Nate's healthy - just a check-up for his asthma!  After the appointment, we got Taco's at our favorite place - do you know how hard it is to eat tacos in the car?  Well, it is HA!  There are pieces of cheese and lettuce everywhere! 

Wednesday - a full school day!  

Thursday - The boys had to finish up their seat work which included piano practice, AWANA sections, and few other small things while I went to a leadership team meeting.  My mom surprised with with lunch :-)  Then I went to the grocery store.  

Friday - Our week was done!  We got to sleep in a little.  :-)  Nate had Tae Kwon Do in the afternoon and I got set up for my Virtual Scrapbooking Weekend Crop! 
Well, because cats are cats - I set this book on the desk to take a photo of it.  Turned around from grabbing my camera and this is what I see HA! 
There was a mystery box for the weekend crop - getting set up for the big reveal zoom! 
And . . . .look who is now sitting on the box.  HA!  I love that cat! 

I took a photo of the blue book because . . .. Nate finished his first cursive book!  Nate has taken to cursive like a fish to water.  He loves to write in cursive!  This is something we do outside of school (seatwork) because I think it is important that they know how to at least read cursive.  Don't get me wrong, our school does teach it a little but they don't spend near enough time on it.  Nate is starting book 2 this next week. 
Josh and Nate made a Valentine to share with our homeschool co-op in our on-line Valentine's Day activity.  

Finally, here are a few samples of my scrapbook pages that I worked on for the challenge's within the weekend crop.  There were 6 challenges and I completed them all.  It allowed me to scrapbook my photos from January 2021!  Now, for the rest of the weekend I'm working on 2016 :-)  Time to get caught up!