Saturday, March 6, 2021

2021 Week in Photos #9

Here's a look back at our week! 

Saturday - Sunday - We had a weekend away to celebrate Darryl!

One of Darryl's birthday gift was a night at a brand new hotel in downtown that we have watched be built over the last year or so.  We were on the 10th floor with an amazing view! 
We are treated to an amazing sunset! 
We ordered pizza and had it delivered - the pizza was amazing!  

This hotel is shaped like a piece of pie and sits on a super small lot - as we watched it go up we all wondered how in the world they would fit any rooms in it!  Every room has an amazing view because of the shape of the building. 

On Sunday morning we headed out and checked out a few art displays downtown.  This was one of them.  The alleyway was all set up for summer.  It was pretty cool and we love things that are outside! 
We then drove to Lake Michigan.  It's my happy place and seeing it in the winter is just as amazing as in the summer.  Above is the pier - encased in ice.  Don't worry, we did not walk on it . .. just took a photo! 
The fog was so thick!  And it was kind of drizzling.  But, it was still amazing! 

There were huge "ice burgs" breaking off and floating down the channel.  It sounded awesome. 

Monday - Friday . .. we did school :-)  Well, we finished school by Thursday and enjoyed Friday.  Josh spent the night at my mom's Thursday evening and Nate had TKD on Friday but otherwise it was a pretty quiet week. 

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